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Best Kindle Black Friday Deals 2018 – Kindle Paperwhite & Oasis Sale

If you are looking for the best Kindle Black Friday deals 2018, then this is the page you want to be on right now! Find out the best deals and discounts that you can avail on the e-readers this weekend sale!

Kindle has become the best e-reader on the planet and everyone who loves reading books owns one of these nifty gadgets. Over the years, Amazon has launched different new iterations of the e-reader with new and improved features to make it easier and easier for us to read our favorite books. So, if you were looking forward to buying the Kindle Paperwhite or any other of the available e-readers, then we’ve got a surprise for you!

In this article, we are going to list down all the deals available at the moment on Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite as well as on Kindle Oasis so that you can purchase the right product at a discount. We’ve also mentioned a brief overview of what each Kindle device can do, so that you can make an informed buying decision based on the requirements you are looking for!

Best Kindle Deals

If you are just looking for the Kindle device with the basic features to read books, then the first iteration of the e-reader might be the best one for you! It features an all-new design that is thinner and lighter and is available in black and white colors. Moreover, it comes with Audible built-in allowing you access to a huge library of audiobooks that you can listen to whenever you want.

The device is easy on your eyes and there is no screen glare even in bright sunlight. You won’t get disturbed with annoying notifications and you won’t have to worry about charging as a single charge can last for weeks instead of just a few hours. The best part about the device is that there is no blue light that can disturb your sleep, which means you can read your favorite books right before bed without worrying about disturbing your sleep.

Best Kindle Paperwhite Black Friday Deals

The Kindle Paperwhite is the best-selling Kindle device all around the world and is a must have gadget for people who love reading books all the time. Unlike tablets or smartphones, the e-reader gives the feel of paper when you read it in bright sunlight as there is no screen glare. Plus, it comes with a high resolution of 300 ppi display which is twice as much as the previous generation. The device is lighter than a paperback allowing you to use only one hand while reading your favorite books.

Instead of back-lit feature, the Kindle Paperwhite comes with front-lit that guides the light towards the surface and not your eyes and thus reducing the eyestrain. If you are prime member, you can get access to thousands of titles for free which you can then read whenever you want!

Best Kindle Oasis Deals – Black Friday Sale 2018

Kindle Oasis is currently the best Kindle device right now and if you want to take full advantage of the Kindle prime day deals, then this is what you need to get. The device has got the best features of all the previous iterations on top of all the new features that it brings to the table!

The device features a 7-inch screen with 300 ppi resolution that reads like real paper without any glare even in bright sunlight. Moreover, this is the first Kindle device to be waterproof so that you can read your favorite books while relaxing in a pool. The battery backup lasts for weeks, instead of hours and with storage options of 8GB and 32GB, you can store more magazines, comics, newspapers and audiobooks.

It comes with Audible giving you access to thousands of audiobooks and with an adaptive front-light and dedicated page-turn buttons, you’ll be able to read for hours without any issues. So, if you want the best e-reader, then you don’t need to look at any other device and go for the Kindle Oasis.

These are the best Kindle Black Friday deals 2018 that you can take advantage of right now and purchase the Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite or the Kindle Oasis at a discount, as well as the Kids edition of the e-readers. If you liked the article and were able to get access to one of the above deals then do share it with your friends and tell them about it as well!

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