20+ Hottest Fitness Models on Instagram to Follow in 2018

hottest fitness models on instagramInstagram

If you like girls who lift, then you are going to love this article as we have listed down some of the hottest fitness models you can follow on Instagram! These babes are not only sexy as hell, but are strong and fit enough to easily outlift you in the gym. Having an athletic body, washboard abs and the all-around sexiness is something you don’t want to miss out on!

If you love being on Instagram as it provides you with a way to stay close to some of the sexiest babes in the world, then you definitely want to follow the fittest girls as well. You may already know about the hottest Instagram babes, but in this article, you will see which girls can give you serious fitness goals and motivate you to hit the gym on a regular basis. So without wasting more of your time, let’s get to the list and check out some of the sexiest fit babes on Instagram.

Hottest Fitness Models on Instagram

1. Michelle Lewin

2. Emily Skye

3. Amanda Lee

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4. Anllela Sagra

5. Paige Hathaway

6. Ana Cheri

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7. Lita Lewis

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8. Hope Beel

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9. Sandra Prikker

10. Anna Nyström

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