20+ Hottest Curvy Girls on Instagram You Need to Follow (2018)

hottest curvy girls on instagram

There was a time when there was a huge craze among girls to get a slim body, but thankfully, that’s over now and girls and guys all over the world are getting more and more into girls with a curvy body. Instagram has played a very important role in this as it gave a platform to every woman in the world to showcase their talent, irrespective of whether they have a slim physique or not, and that’s the reason why we can follow so many beautiful woman right now!

If you’ve been on Instagram, then you’d already know that there are a plethora of sexy babes to follow and they all take care of their followers by uploading the best images. We have already listed down the hottest Instagram models, that you should check out, and today we have listed down some of the hottest curvy girls on Instagram that every guy (as well as girl) must follow! These babes give you body goals and, personally, I like to see healthy girls instead of the girls who look like they’ve been skipping meals. So, let’s get to the article and check out which babes you need to follow on your account.

Hottest Curvy Girls of Instagram

1. Ashley Graham

2. Charlotte McKinney

3. Iskra Lawrence

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4. Abigail Ratchford

5. Myla Dalbesio

6. Holly Peers

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7. Anastasiya Kvitko

8. Jessica Kylie

9. Denise Milani

10. Ana Cheri

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