Best Black Friday GoPro Deals 2019 & Cyber Monday Sale

gopro black friday deals 2019

If you are looking for the best Black Friday GoPro deals this year, then we’ve listed down the best ones you could find this holiday season on different GoPro cameras!

If you are an adventure-enthusiast and love to travel the world and document it, then you’d want to get the best action camera for yourself. There are several big names in the market right now, but when it comes to shooting the highest quality videos or clicking photos of your adventures, the GoPro cameras will always be at the top. We know that there are many different GoPro cameras available like the GoPro Hero8 Black, the HERO7 Black as well as the latest GoPro Max and GoPro Fusion, so we’ve got you covered and found the best deals on all these cameras so that you can just buy the one you like this Black Friday sale.

If you are looking to purchase the action camera for yourself, then you need to take advantage of the ongoing sale and get the GoPro camera at a huge discount. The boxes mentioned in this article get updated in real time and reflects the sale price, so take action now before the deals are over!

GoPro Hero8 Black Friday Deals 2019

The Hero8 Black is the latest action camera from GoPro and it comes with a lot of new additions for new-age filmmakers. The simple and streamlined design, that is more compact, allows you to swap mounts at the base quickly and change batteries in a short time.

Plus, you can easily add various accessories on the camera like the flash, microphones, LCD screens and more.

It comes with hyper smooth stabilization that’s even better than the previous version as it offers 3 levels of stabilization – on, high and boost – and you can pick the best level possible to get the most stunning video ever.

Other features of the camera include a Time Warp feature that can create stunning time lapse videos while automatically adjusting speed based on motion and lighting, and a live burst mode that records moments 1.5 seconds before and after your shot to let you select the best frame.

Since this is the latest version and comes with all the features of its predecessor, along with a ton of new and improved features, you should definitely go for it on this Black Friday sale!

GoPro Hero7 Black Friday Deals 2019

If you’ve been an adventure enthusiast and love to take your favorite action camera with you on your trips, then you’d already be aware that GoPro’s launched a new action camera with all the latest features just for you. The GoPro HERO7 is the latest entry in the long-range of action cams from the company, and promises to be better than the previous ones.

One of the biggest features that the new camera comes with is its ‘Hyper Smooth Video Stabilization’ – which essentially means that it gives you gimbal-like stabilization without using any gimbal mechanism. The camera can easily predict various movements and automatically correct the alignment of the footage and thus delivering you a crisp and shake-free video. Apart from that, the camera’s rugged and waterproof as it should be and you can take it with you underwater (up to 33ft) and shoot some amazing videos while you are swimming with the aquatic animals. You can also live stream your videos to your friends on social networking sites using the HERO7 Black camera, and use editing features to make your video the best!

If you are wondering if you’ve got options when it comes to buying the latest offering, then you’d be delighted to know that you’ve got choices. The HERO7 comes with different versions – Black, Silver and White – each with their own set of features and increasing price range. So you can see which one you need the most and take advantage of the GoPro Black Friday deals 2019 to get yourself your very own action camera!

GoPro Fusion Black Friday Deals

GoPro Fusion is the latest addition to the action camera lineup and it allows you to capture spherical videos and photos and even record everything so that you can find the best shots later. It’s voice controlled, comes with ultra stabilization and 5.2K video, has features like built-in WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS and is waterproof up to 16 ft (5m). When you have the Fusion camera with you, you won’t need any extra pair of hands as it can do all the work you need. You can create traditional videos using OverCapture or play the recordings on VR.

The camera is fully compatible with the GoPro app available for iPhones and can shoot Single Photo, Burst Photo, Night Photo as well as Time Lapse Video, Time Lapse Photo and Night Lapse Video.

The price of the camera is higher than the others, but you can take advantage of the ongoing deals on GoPro Fusion and get your hands on this amazing piece of tech!

These were the best Black Friday GoPro deals 2019 and Cyber Monday Sale, and I really hope that you liked them! If you did, and if you were able to get your hands on an awesome deal, then make sure to share it with your friends as well so that they too can take advantage of the the ongoing deals and grab the action camera at a discount.

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