Wednesday, November 21, 2018

ExtraTorrent Proxy (2018) – 29 Best ExtraTorrent Unblocked Proxy Sites

extratorrent proxy mirror sites

Use these best ExtraTorrent proxy sites to gain access to high quality torrents without any restrictions!

ExtraTorrent Unblocked: The proxy sites are extremely useful when you can’t access the torrent website from your computer for various reasons. Some of these reasons can be that your ISP or your government has blocked your access to the site as downloading torrents is very much illegal in almost every country as it promotes piracy. However, since we know that ExtraTorrent is one of the most popular torrent websites in the world, you’d find a way to access it no matter what and we are here to help you with that!

The Extra Torrent website is one of the best places on the Internet to find the highest quality torrents of almost all kinds of things, be it movies, TV shows, games, software, ebooks and a lot more, and you can download all of them for free. The site has a clean interface that even a newbie could navigate freely, the homepage gives you access to the most popular torrent files and you can also search for high quality torrents based on their popularity or their category. So, when you are unable to access the official website, then the next best thing to do is use one of these best ExtraTorrent proxy sites to unblock it and gain access to all the free content.

Access Blocked Websites & Protect Your Identity Online:

Best ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites of 2018

There are several torrenting websites that you can use to download your favorite as well as popular and latest movies, new TV shows, popular games, latest MP3 songs, ebooks, software and a lot more for free, but there’s a huge library and frequent updates that make ExtraTorrent the biggest, and the number one, choice for many users.

But as the popularity of a torrent website grows, so will the restrictions placed on it! Since this is one of the biggest site on the Internet, it will be blocked on many countries and by many ISPs so there’s a huge chance that you won’t be able to access the torrent site easily right now. At times like this, the proxy sites come in handy as they can easily give you access to ExtraTorrent unblocked website within minutes. These proxy and mirror sites are maintained by the official website staff, or by the volunteers, who want every user in the world to have access to the high quality torrent files.

We have listed down some of the best ExtraTorrent mirror sites below; but if you are unable to unblock the site using them, then the best option for you would be to use one of the best VPN apps to mask your identity online and access any website without any restrictions.


ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites


1. Fast
3. Fast
4. Fast
5.https://etmirror.comVery Fast
6.https://etproxy.comVery Fast
9. Fast
11.Proxy Site 1Very Fast
13. Fast
15.Proxy Site 2Fast
22. Fast
24. Fast
25.Proxy Site 3Fast
26.Proxy Site 4Normal
27.Proxy Site 5Very Fast
28.Proxy Site 6Normal
29.Proxy Site 7Normal

These were some of the best ExtraTorrent proxy sites of 2018! I hope that you were able to bypass the block and gain easy access to the huge library of high quality torrent files waiting for you. If you liked the article, and found it helpful, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and also have a look at some of the other resources we have created on our site below.


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