100+ Cute Nicknames for Boyfriend (2018) – Cool Names to Call Boys

cute nicknames for boyfriend

Calling your boyfriend by nicknames, that only you are allowed to use, is one of the most romantic aspects of a relationship. So, if you’ve been with a guy for a long time, or at least enough time that you feel comfortable with him the way you are, then it’s time to choose cool boyfriend nicknames and address him as such!

It may sound cheesy to call your BF using a nickname, and you might think that he feels weird because he’s all macho, but guys love the romantic stuff too, and you can confirm it by calling him using a cute nickname and he’ll definitely blush the first few times. Nicknames and pet names indicate a special type of relationship and are not just limited to your significant others. You can have a pet name for your friend, your siblings, your girlfriends and that’s exactly why you need to choose one of the cute nicknames for boyfriend as well. And, to make it extra special, you should choose something unique and not the cliched ones like baby and honey!

So, in order to help you on your quest of finding the best and most romantic names for your boyfriend, we have prepared the list of the best names we could find. The list below contains cool nicknames that are not only the classic names, but also the cliched ones along with romantic pet names, sexy and seductive names and also unique ones to choose from!

cool names to call your boyfriend

Cute Nicknames for Boyfriend

DarlingBabeHot Stuff
Big GuyBoo BearMister Cutie
RomeoPumpkinBaby Daddy
Sugar PieChampPlayboy
BookwormStud MuffinRockstar
My PrinceAppleYankee
Hot SauceGorgeousDream Boat
Baby BooLittle MonkeyFruit Loops
Eye CandyHugsterDumpling
Honey BearMonsterNugget
Mi AmorPrince CharmingCupcake
Sugar DaddyBaePeanut
Love MuffinHot LipsSnickers
Knock OutPickleEmperor
Robin HoodBig FellaLadies Man
Snuggle ButtTater TotSuperman
Panda BearEinsteinMain Squeeze
Hugs McGeeBaby CakesStallion
ZorroSexy PantsPancake
Shy GuyBambiBon Bon
Tough GuyBig GuyFluffy
Lover BoyDaredevilSilly Goose
GoofballSweetumsGood Looking
Sugar PlumMonkeyButtercup
Teddy BearNerdPeaches
Mr. CutieOld ManSoda Pop
Pudding PieSpankyBaby Face
NemoWinkyDinkCutie Boo
BumpkinWookumsSweet Pea

So these were the cute nicknames for boyfriend that you should know! We have covered most of the names here; but if you were not satisfied with any of these names, then you should figure out one on your own and you should do it considering the personality of your man and what he likes. If you find out a cool nickname for your boyfriend, make sure to share it with us as well.

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