Best Xbox One X and Xbox One S Black Friday Deals 2019

xbox one black friday deals 2019

Find the best Xbox One X and Xbox One S Black Friday deals right on this page! You will find the current deals that are live offering you the highest discount.

Microsoft’s Xbox gaming system is one of best consoles in the world right now, and is set to become one of the top selling products this holiday season. Not only does the console support a ton of games, but there are many more that are gearing for launch and will soon be arriving for Xbox and some of these titles are exclusive as well which means you won’t be able to play them on any system other than the Xbox One X or Xbox One S.

So, if you’ve been meaning to get your hands on this awesome gaming console, then you should definitely have a look at the deals offered during the Black Friday sale because there’s no way that the price will drop as much as it’s dropped at the moment.

Xbox One X Black Friday Deals 2019:

The Xbox One X is touted as one of the most powerful gaming consoles on the world, reportedly giving 40% more power than any other console. And with 6 teraflops of graphical processing power and 4K Blu-ray player that makes the gaming experience more immersive.

The console doesn’t just boast of 6 teraflops GPU, but also a powerful 2.3GHz custom CPU and 1TB HDD storage that allows you to play more games. Plus, thanks to the 4K capabilities, you can play 4K exclusive games like Forza Motorsport 7, Cuphead, Sea of Thieves, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and more, and what’s more amazing is that select titles are more optimized and enhanced for Xbox One X resulting in a much more immersive gameplay experience.

So, you don’t want to miss out on the deals that are currently running for the gaming console because you won’t see a price drop like you are seeing now once the Black Friday sale is over!

Xbox One S Black Friday Deals 2019:

There’s also another variant available for you to choose from and that is the Xbox One S. This console comes with spatial audio which means that you will get the best audio quality while playing games. Other than that, it features brilliant graphics with high dynamic range (HDR) and 4K ultra HD resolution for Blu-ray and video streaming capabilities.

It is available in different kinds of bundles where you not only get the gaming console but also get a popular game that you can start playing immediately. Currently, the top-selling bundle is the Xbox One S Minecraft bundle that gives you access to Minecraft, Minecraft Starter and Creators pack, along with 1000 Minecoins that can be used to get maps, skins, textures and more. Moreover, you get 14-day Xbox Live Gold and 1-month of Xbox Game Pass trial.

If you are fan of Minecraft, then this is the perfect deal that you shouldn’t let go because this is an amazing offer going on right now with a huge discount!

Deals on the Top Selling Xbox Games!

So, let us know which of these consoles you bought and share the Xbox One Black Friday deals with your friends as well so that they too can get the gaming console at a discount this year!

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