Wemo Black Friday Deals 2019: Deals on Smart Light Switches and Plugs

wemo black friday deals 2019

Should you expect any Wemo Black Friday deals 2019 on smart home gadgets like light switches, smart plugs and smart bridges? Let’s find out by checking the deals that are currently live!

Wemo is one of the most popular and sought-after brands when it comes to shopping for smart home gadgets. The company offers a variety of products to its customers ranging from smart light switches as well as smart plugs that work absolutely well with Amazon Alexa as well as with Google Assistant and Apple Homekit. Below are some of the best-selling products the company’s been running sale on Black Friday!

Since the world is changing and many people are now transforming their homes into smart homes by installing a number of different gadgets that all work according to their preset settings, there doesn’t seem to be any dearth of products to choose from. If you’ve been researching on various gadgets that you could purchase and install in your house to make it more smarter, then I am sure that you’d have come across Belkin Wemo brand as it is one of the leading companies offering the best smart light switches as well as smart plugs that are compatible with home automation systems and various smart assistants as well like the Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant and even with Apple’s Homekit. In this article, we’re going to share the best deals on this products that are live during the Wemo Black Friday sale period, so that you can take advantage of them and grab a hold of a ton of smart products for a lot less money!

Best Black Friday Wemo Smart Light Switches Deals 2019:

The Wemo smart light switches work seamlessly with Amazon’s Alexa, which means that it can be controlled with just your voice and there’s no need for you to actually get up and touch the switch. It easily replaces your old switches and you can of course control it the old-fashioned way by going up to the wall, or you could take advantage of the Wemo app or Alexa voice assistant or Google Assistant to do the hard work for you.

It offers a ton of features that allow you to set timers to turn on the lights, the ceiling fans before you arrive home; or you can use the preset settings to turn on/off the lights during sunrise or sunset. There’s also an “Away Mode” available that, when enabled, will randomly turn the lights on and off. Moreover, it is compatible with Nest system as well, so if you’ve got that you can connect the two gadgets and make your home a lot more smarter and more secure.

The company also offer the Wemo Dimmer WiFi light switch that offers all the features that the normal light switch offers, and then some more. It can optimize the lights and calibrate the bulbs to offer the maximum amount of dimming with no flickering and comes with Night Mode that sets a desired low light level and protects your eyes from bright light.

Best Black Friday Wemo Smart Plugs Sale 2019:

Wemo offers two different options in smart plugs – the Mini Smart Plug and the Insight Smart Plug. Both of them have quite similar features, but there are some differences that will make you choose one over the other based on what type of requirements you have.

Once you have installed the Mini Smart Plug, you can control it from anywhere you want, and even control the smart lights and appliances, by using the smart assistants like the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. It comes in a compact size, features a schedule feature allowing you to set timers or sync different gadgets and you can even randomize lights so that they turn on/off on their own at random intervals of time.

Coming to the Wemo Insight Smart Plug, you get most of the above mentioned features but you also get something extra like the monitoring feature where you can monitor the energy consumption and cost right from your phone or tablet. It sends you real time reports on how much energy is being consumed and what’s it going¬† to cost you. Moreover, the smart plugs work with Nest automation system making it much better to use!

These are some of the best Wemo Black Friday deals that you can take advantage of this year. If you are looking for the best smart light switches and smart plugs for your home, then you don’t need to look anywhere else as these are probably the best you are going to find that work with not only the smart gadgets and voice assistants, but also with Nest.

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