Best Tile Black Friday Deals 2019: Deals on Tile Mate, Tile Slim, Tile Pro

tile black friday deals 2019

Tile is one of the most popular products right now as it helps you keep a track of your keys and other belongings, so make sure to take advantage of Tile Black Friday deals 2019 to score some discount!

Tile is one of the best gadgets you didn’t know you needed because it helps you keep a track of where your belongings are at the moment. You can attach this little devices on your keys, your laptop or tablet, your camera or any other important thing so that you can easily find them when you misplace them. With Tile, you’ll be able to see the last place where the device was and make it ring when you get closer and within range. So, if you are looking for such tracking device, have a look at the best selling ones below!

Tile Black Friday Deals 2019

Since there are multiple options available for you to choose from, we’ll need to have a look at all of them to help you make an informed purchase! We have added a brief description next to each of the trackers so that you know which one’s the best suited for you.

Tile Mate:

The Tile Mate is the most basic of the key finders offered by the company, and also one of the best selling trackers! It’s Bluetooth range is up to 100 ft, which means that it will start ringing as soon as you get within range. Moreover, it gives you access to the active community that will help you find your lost belongings. It’s even compatible with Alexa as well as Google Assistant, so you can work it with just your voice and completely hands-free!

Tile Slim:

This is one of the thinnest trackers offered by the company at the moment. It’s as thin as two credit cards which allows it to easily slide within your wallet or in your pocket and you can also attach it to your laptop or notebook to keep a track of it. It’s also water-resistant, up to IP57 standards and offers you all the features that you’d expect from the tracker. It comes with a Bluetooth range of up to 100 ft and will ring when you get in that range, and you can also find your smartphone by double-pressing on the button on Tile Slim to make your phone ring!

Tile Style: If you are looking for something that looks stylish and helps you track your belongings, then the Tile Style is the best option for you. Not only does it come with all the features you’d need to keep a track of your keys, smartphones and other belongings, but it is much more powerful that the other Tiles as it comes with a Bluetooth range of up to 200 ft and it is louder than ever making it easy for you to listen to it from a distance. Moreover, it’s waterproof, resilient and stylish all at the same time.

Tile Sport: When you are a fun-loving person and loves going on adventures, you’d need gadgets that you don’t need to worry about and Tile Sport is the perfect candidate for a tracker. The latest addition to the line-up of key finders, the Tile Sport is the most rugged option yet, as it is not only waterproof but it can also be submerged underwater up to 1.5m for up to 30 minutes. It has 2 times more range than the normal trackers and is a lot louder comparatively allowing you to get to your belongings with ease!

So, these was the complete article on the best deals available on Tile Key Finders this year! If you were able to take advantage of these Tile Black Friday deals 2019, then make sure that you share it with your friends who keep losing track of their belongings so that they don’t have to worry about it any more. There are several packs and combos available as well which will be a better purchase option because you’ll be able to buy multiple Tile trackers at a discount!

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