Samsung Gear VR Black Friday Deals 2019 – Sale on Budget VR System!

samsung gear vr black friday deals 2019

Here’s the best Samsung Gear VR Black Friday deals that you’ve been waiting for!

Samsung is one of the leading tech companies in the world, and their Galaxy range of smartphones are some of the best selling products all over the world. So seeing that virtual reality is the next big thing, the overlords at the company made the right decision to partner up with the VR behemoth, Oculus Rift, and come up with their very own Samsung Gear VR headset that goes with Galaxy smartphones!

So, if you are a Samsung fan and own one of their flagship smartphones, then you’d very much like to spend a few more bucks to get your hands on this cheap, yet powerful, VR headset and enter the world of virtual reality through your smartphone. It’s not as powerful as Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE, but it certainly is a bang for your buck as you can use it to immerse yourself in games, or simply watch movies in a completely different way.

Note that the VR headset only works with Samsung Galaxy smartphones, so if you don’t own one, then there’s no point of purchasing the headset either!

Samsung Gear VR – Features

The Samsung Gear VR headset is developed by Samsung, in collaboration with Oculus, which means that it is not only cheaper than most other virtual reality headsets, it’s a lot powerful than what its price suggests.

However, unlike other VR headsets, there’s no display in Gear VR because you have to insert your smartphone into the placeholder, connect it via USB Type-C or micro USB and your smartphone’s screen will become the headset’s display. You can then use it to either play games or watch movies!

The Gear VR headset comes with an intuitive controller that allows you to drop, point, select and drag with a wave or your wrist and there are buttons on it as well to help you perform various tasks with relative ease. There’s a touchpad on the controller for easy navigation, a backtrigger button for menu selection, home and back buttons, and up and down buttons as well. Moreover, it’s built with sensors like Accelerometer, gyro sensor and proximity sensor.

You even have to social aspect that you can explore as you get access to the Oculus Rooms where you can watch, or share, 360-degree videos captured by the Samsung Gear 360 and even hang out with your friends. There’s multiplayer gaming experience, and tons of titles available for you to choose from.

However, the VR headset works only with the Galaxy range of smartphones, and the ones supported are as below:

  • USB Type-C models: Note8, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+
  • Micro USB models: Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6 edge+.
  • For Galaxy Note 10, you need a new adapter that you can get free of charge from Samsung Customer Service.

So, if you’ve got any of these smartphones, and would love to experience the thrills of virtual reality, then you can buy yourself the Samsung Gear VR at a discounted price this holiday season!

Avail the Samsung Gear VR Black Friday deals below!

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