LIFX Black Friday Deals 2019 – Best Deals on Smart LED Light Bulbs!

lifx black friday deals 2019

If you are expecting to see some good LIFX Black Friday deals this year, then you can find them below! We have listed the best deals on the smart LED light bulbs as well as strips and beams offered by the company!

LIFX is one of the biggest, and one of the most popular, names in the industry when it comes to smart light bulbs. I am sure that you may have heard about them and even considering getting them for your home to make it smarter. But, if you stopped yourself thinking to get one of these smart bulbs, or light strips, for your home when there’s a good sale, like the Black Friday sale period, then this is the time for you to take action!

If you’ve been considering of turning your home in to a smart home by purchasing gadgets like the Amazon Echo devices, the smart thermostats from Nest and more and have been looking for smart lights compatible with them, then LIFX is a pretty good alternative to Philips Hue smart lights.

In this article, we are going to list down the best deals that you can get on the best selling products from LIFX and this includes the smart LED light bulbs, the WiFi light bulbs, the light strips as well as the light beams. The deals listed below will be time-sensitive or till the stocks last (which is going to be fully stocked considering that it’s Black Friday sale), so don’t make the mistake of waiting for a better deal and snag the best offer that you see at the moment!

Best Black Friday LIFX Smart LED Light Bulbs Deals 2019

When it comes to the smart LED light bulbs, the company offers a variety of solutions like the A19 bulb, the BR30 bulb, the White 800-A19 bulb as well as the Color 1000-A19 bulb. All these smart bulbs are compatible with Amazon Alexa, which means that you only need to connect them with your Echo device and give them the command with your voice to activate them or deactivate them!

Being a smart light bulb, you need internet connection at all times so make sure that WiFi is on in your home and the bulb is connected at all times for easy use. That’s just all it needs as the installation process is also quite simple and no one would face any issues during it. There’s also a LIFX app available for Android, iOS as well as Windows 10 that lets you control the light bulbs around your home with ease. You can change the colors with a few simple taps and it will go from being white to vibrant within seconds!

If you are truly serious about converting your home in to a smart home, then make sure that you purchase the entire bundles of the smart LED light bulbs that come in a pack of 4 so that you can install them all over your house and control them remotely using the Echo device, the app or through the smart assistants like the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or the Apple HomeKit.

You can control the bulbs and easily choose what color you want it to display, white to vibrant color combinations, and you can choose them with a few simple taps. Moreover, there’s also the dimming option that makes controlling the lighting around your room a breeze and even the white color comes in hundreds of shades making it easy for you to choose the best one!

LIFX Black Friday Deals 2019 – Light Strips, Light Beams and More!

If you think that the company only offers different kinds of smart light bulbs and bundles, then you are wrong as you can get your hands on the smart light strips as well as beams to not only make your home more smart but also enhance the aesthetic look and ambience of your home multiple-fold! We have listed down some of the best-selling products below, and it will show you the various offers when they are live so if there’s a sale going on on one of these products, or bundles, then don’t waste even a second and grab it immediately!

I hope that you were able to take advantage of the LIFX Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals this year to get some amazing discounts. If you did, then share it with your friends, and don’t forget to check one some of the other awesome deals going on on the Smart Home gadgets this year!

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