Best Blink Black Friday Deals 2019 – Indoor / Outdoor Security Cams

blink black friday deals 2019

Here are the best Blink Black Friday deals that you can avail to get a huge discount on your purchase of the indoor and outdoor security cams!

Blink, also an Amazon Company, offers an indoor and outdoor home security camera systems that helps you keep your belonging secure. Being one of the smart security cams, it’s compatible with Alexa-enabled devices and it comes in multiple camera systems depending on how much area you need to cover.

At the moment, there are indoor and outdoor cameras which means that you can not only keep an eye out inside your home, but you can also set up an entire network of cameras outside your house to make sure some untoward activities are not happening that may put your belongings and your loved ones at risk. So, let’s have a look at both these products one by one and check out all the features it has to offer!

Blink Indoor Security Cam:

The indoor home security cam comes with motion detection, which is one of the most important features to have in a security system so that it can pick up even the minutest movements even if the object in question is hidden from it’s field of view. When a motion is detected, it sends an alert to your smartphone and record a short clip of the event.

The camera is battery-powered (battery life of up to 2 years) which makes it wireless and you can control it through its Blink Home Monitor app on Android or iOS, or through the Amazon Alexa skill. The “live view” mode lets you stream the real-time recordings so that you can eye on your pet who’s alone at home. Moreover, it comes free cloud storage which is a really nice addition that makes the entire product all the more worth it!

You can purchase just a single camera, or multiple cameras depending on the area you want to cover, and make sure to decide before making the purchase to get a good deal when buying multiple products!

Blink XT Outdoor Security Cam:

Offering all the features that you’d get from the indoor security cam, the outdoor security cam from Blink is just as awesome as you’d think. However, being an outdoor security camera, it’s built to be weatherproof which means that it can brave extreme weather conditions without breaking down. Moreover, it is multi-purpose which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on you!

The camera is powered by 2 AA Lithium batteries, that have a 2 year battery life, and comes with a built-in motion sensor that will detect movements and immediately send alerts to your smartphone and record a short clip. It’s capable of recording HD video, and gives you the option to watch the live streaming so that you can check what the camera is seeing in real time. You can also use the Alexa assistant to control the camera, or you can use the Blink Home Monitor app on your iOS or Android device to do that!

There are some live Blink Black Friday deals going on at the moment, so make sure to check them out and if you are thinking of upgrading your current home security camera system, then take advantage of the deals and discounts right now!

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