Amazon Cloud Cam Prime Day Deals 2019 – Sale on Security Cams!

amazon cloud cam prime day deals

If you’re looking for the best Amazon Cloud Cam Prime Day deals, then we’ve listed the best ones here for you so you can enjoy amazing discounts!

You always need to stay vigilant so that you can protect your house, your belongings and more importantly, your loved ones. However, you can’t do that all the time and so you’ll need some help to keep everything secure. Getting some quality security cameras and installing them around your house will be a really good start in keeping your peace of mind and protecting your belongings and Amazon Cloud Cam is one of the most popular options you can go for!

The Cloud Cam is developed by Amazon which means that it will work with all the Amazon products like the Echo devices. With the security cam, you can stay connected 24/7 and record all the activities as they happen in 1080p full HD quality. Moreover, it comes with a 30-day Cloud Cams Plan that gives you access to features like intelligent alerts, person detection, zones and seeing up video history of the last 30 days.

Since the cam works with Alexa, you can simply ask the assistant to pull up the live feed on your Fire tablet, your Fire TV or on your Echo Spot or Echo Show and have a real-time view of the surroundings of your house!

Amazon Cloud Cam – Features:

Since it’s advertised as being able to stay connected all the time and keep an eye out for any suspicious activities, it comes with Night Vision that lets it see clearly in the dark and detect what’s happening around. Moreover, you can use the Cloud Cam App to turn on/off the night vision LEDs.

Just like most of the other smart video cameras, it also features two-way audio that lets you not only hear what’s happening on the outside, or listen to what the person at your doorstep has to say; but you can also talk with them. You can even install the Cloud Cam inside your house and use the 2-way audio feature to check in with your family or see if there’s any suspicious activities going on!

The basic plan that the cloud cam comes with gives you cloud storage of 24 hours, but you can subscribe to the Cloud Cam Plans and get access to some other advanced features like person detection, the ability to setup specific zones to focus on and more.

Moreover, being compatible with Alexa means that you can do a lot more, quite easily, when you have other Alexa-enabled devices. You can use your Fire tablet, or your Echo Show to pull up the live video feed and have a look at what the camera is recording.

Before you purchase the Cloud Cam, make sure to check out some bundle deals where the cam is offered with other awesome products as well at amazing prices. Moreover, you can purchase a pack of Cloud Cams to setup at multiple locations.

So, if you’re interested in buying security cameras, then take advantage of the Amazon Cloud Cam Prime Day deals and don’t miss out on the amazing discounts!

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