August Smart Lock Black Friday Deals 2019 – Discount on Smart Locks!

august smart locks black friday deals 2019

Find out the best August Smart Lock Black Friday deals this year!

The smart locks will help you not only secure your home, but also unlock the doors to let people in without getting up from your spot. There are quite a lot of similar locks available, but August smart locks have become quite popular as they support all the assistants, the best one being Alexa!

So, if you’ve got an Alexa-enabled device like one of the Echo devices, then buying the smart locks is a no-brainer. What’s more, you can install the video doorbells or the security cams, so that you can see who’s at your front door and then you can unlock the door remotely and let them in. This also helps you to allow the mailman to drop your package without you being present to pickup the package. In this article, we’ve listed down the current Black Friday deals on the August Smart Locks and other products so that you can get a good discount!

August Smart Lock – 3rd Gen

The 3rd generation of August Smart Lock is available in two different color options – Dark Gray and Silver – and is Alexa-compatible that allows you to control it with just your voice. The smart features of the lock lets you lock and unlock your door and even keep track of who comes and goes through the door, all from your smartphone!

If you’ve got an existing lock and key, then the smart lock will easily attach to the deadbolt allowing people to still use their keys to unlock the door. The DoorSense technology, you’ll know that the door is completely closed and locked and hasn’t been left ajar. The installation is also quite easy and you’ll be able to do it in under 10 minutes using just a screwdriver.

You can now stop hiding your keys under the rocks because you can send your guests keys to access your home from the August app, and also control the access for everyone!

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect – 3rd Gen

The August Smart Lock Pro is another option that you could go for in case you like a powerful smart lock. With the Smart Lock Pro, you get access to all the features that you’ll need like locking/unlocking your doors remotely, controlling keyless access, and keeping a track of everyone who comes and goes. Plus, with Alexa-compatibility, you can do everything with just your voice!

With the DoorSense technology, it will make sure that the door is secured and locked and you can install the app on your smartphone and use the 24/7 Activity Feed to track all the people visiting your house. It easily attaches to your existing locks so that people with keys can still unlock the door! You also get access to the August Connect WiFi Bridge that seamlessly connects the smart lock with the WiFi and also provides instant alerts when someone enters or exits your house.

The best part is that the door will lock behind you automatically, with your phone in your pocket, and when you return, the door will be unlocked to let you in. So make sure to take advantage of the August Smart Lock Black Friday deals and not miss out on this opportunity!

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